Free shipping on all domestic orders above $50. Free shipping on all international orders above $200!


Q: Do gift cards ever expire?
A: Nope! Never!

Q: How about reward points? Do they expire?
A: Nope! Reward points are yours to keep and redeem whenever you’d like!

Q: How do I know the products that I’m ordering are authentic?
A: Doremi Beauty receives its products directly from the authentic suppliers and vendors. We never purchase products from third party vendors or unauthorized dealers. This includes “factories” and “companies” that are overseas and claim to be authentic. All the companies that we do business with are authentic and have quality control system implemented internally.

Q: Why is it easier to contact you by email?
A: We are concentrating on hiring and training customer service representatives so that they can answer all the incoming calls. However, there are only a handful of representatives at the moment, and there are more phone inquiries than we can handle comfortably. We hope you understand, and we will do our best to have more people assist in incoming phone calls.

Q: I am a vendor and I would like to contact Doremi Beauty regarding a possible business opportunity. How can I reach you?
A: The fastest way is to use the inquiry form at Contact Us section. We look forward to hearing from you!